Little Buffalo State Park

We adventured up to Little Buffalo State Park for a pool and picnic. The $12 pool admission was more then worth having Jane fall asleep early.


The Mermaid House in the OBX

The Dales (Billy, Nancy, Jane and Levi) and the Dales (Grandma, Grandpa, and Elvis) took a vacation to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. We couldn’t ask for better weather.

Happy 2nd Day

Happy Day!

That’s what Jane call’s birthday’s, “Happy Days.” We had a great time with all the family and especially all the other kids that came like Landis, Ella and Mackenzie.

There’s so much more that she can do now from a year ago, like putting multiple words together, running, ¬†and all the new words she’s learned.

There’s a special thanks to Uncle Jamie and Aunt Sue for letting us have Jane’s Happy Day at their house and pool!