Halloween Fun

It’s that time of year again, Halloween parade and pumpkin picking.

This past Thursday was the annual Penbrook Halloween Parade. Jane was fashioned into a Mermaid that was captured by a pirate. Linda made the costume and it was wonderful! So much creativity went into this costume, it’ll be hard to top next year.

And the best part, Jane was the winner again for the 3rd year in a row! Congratulations Jane and Grandma Linda!


Make up courtesy of Mommy

SONY DSCPre-parade snack!

SONY DSCGrandma fitting Jane into the treasure chest.

SONY DSCReady for the pirate to be added.

SONY DSCPirate added and ready and a glimpse of the competition behind her.

SONY DSCReady to walk!

After the parade ended and we were home, the skies opened up and it started pouring down rain. We really lucked out! It was a great night.

What is Halloween without pumpkins? Today, Jane and I went to the pumpkin patch at Strites Orchard and picked a few and bought a few. There was also delicious apple cider donuts that were as soft as cotton balls. Baby brother favorite foods are donuts and milkshakes, I’m pretty sure.

SONY DSCJane hadn’t worn the purple vest since last March, as evidenced by the green treasure she found in the pocket.


SONY DSCSearching for the right one!


SONY DSCShe found a winner! Hold it high, Jane!

SONY DSCIt’s getting heavy… “Mommy, I can’t hold it any longer!” “Just a few more shots, hold tight!”

SONY DSCCommence screaming. I broke into major giggles over this.

SONY DSCA lady bug friend was hanging out on this one.

SONY DSCAnother winner!

SONY DSCShe probably would have picked all the pumpkins if I had let her.


SONY DSCWe left the pumpkin patch with 7 pumpkins total. Two of which are some lovely gourds in light peach and light green. Gorgeous.




Happy 2nd Day

Happy Day!

That’s what Jane call’s birthday’s, “Happy Days.” We had a great time with all the family and especially all the other kids that came like Landis, Ella and Mackenzie.

There’s so much more that she can do now from a year ago, like putting multiple words together, running,  and all the new words she’s learned.

There’s a special thanks to Uncle Jamie and Aunt Sue for letting us have Jane’s Happy Day at their house and pool!


We had Easter a Downingtown and it looks like we’ll be having egg salad with all the eggs Jane found. Thanks for the hot dogs Scotty!

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