1st Place Halloween Chicken

Jane won 1st place in the Pennbrook Halloween Parade this year! There were no ham sandwich costumes to underdog the cute that is Jane, this year. Muahahahahaha!  You can eat me, ham sandwich kid!

Thanks to Grandma Linda for making the costume and wagon. Our grand total of prize winnings over these past 2 years is up to a whooping 35 bones. Surprisingly, she kept the costume on the whole time. It was probably because of all the ooohs and ahhhhs from the crowd.




Old Mc Donald Had A Farm

Maybe we should change the lyric from Mc Donald to Landis. Pop-pop and Grammy got 4 red chickens and we got to go over and see them this week. Three of them are named after actresses and one is named after Nancy and they all make delicious farm fresh eggs. As a bonus Jane got to go on a hay ride.