Where did my cloying, little love muffin go? Since about Wednesday of this past week, a demon has taken over my sweet child’s mind and body. WTF?

She loses it at the very first rejection, “No touch, Jane!” “Oh no! Don’t do that honey, you’ll hurt yourself!” “Jane, stop!” literally, starts crying in hysterics, throws her 23 pounds to the ground and goes nuts for as long as you will let her. She’s RELENTLESS.

Anyway, we’ll chock it up to Nukhabitbreakingteethingnewroomatdaycareslashmissesmommy. Sounds about right.

Jane got her toenails painted today and also got some delicious cheese balls from Rite Aid. ‘Twas a big day.

How cute is this? The teapot is the new snack trap.

So glad that she is so cute. Because today, was.hard.



4 thoughts on “It’s too early for the TT’s, right?

  1. I think Jane may be looking for attention that she sees at Day Care. Hmmm- if I icry and throw myself on the ground, maybe I’ll get something for that. I would just walk away as hard as that is – but she”ll soon get the message.

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