I found tiny little ice cream cones at Giant today. I thought, oh man, Jane is gonna love these!

Here is Billy holding the cone for scale:

Impressive, no? Look at it! Tiny! Small! Little! It could barely hold one scoop of ice cream. So we settled for 1/2 a scoop.

What do you think of it Jane?

Go ahead, take a taste.

And now a little lick!

Meh. She wasn’t a fan, with only one small lick, she decided that soccer was a better dessert.

Left holding the cone…



3 thoughts on “Tiny Ice Cream

  1. Very cute. I’m surprised she didn’t like the ice cream. Pop Pop will have to show her how it’s done!
    Pop Pop

  2. Thanks for sending it to me. I loved the pictures of Jane. A couple of months ago I thought she looked like Nancy. Now she is her own little person. Pretty darn cute!


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