Just so we’re clear, this isn’t a blog about the man, Elvis. It’s about ME! Well sort of.

A co-worker of mine, SK, was recently wed. As per the usual traditions in our office, we pass a card around and get a bunch of money together and grab a gift card and call it a shower. The card, was made by yours truly. Like a dummy, I didn’t take a photo of it, but it turned out really nice, even if I do say so myself.

SK, was delighted when she received her gift card and card from all of us. She then saw my initials on the back of the card and immediately inquired, “You made this?” I nod. She then asked if I would be willing to make her wedding Thank You notes.

WHA? Me? You can’t be serious? I told her, hell-to-the-yes I would that for her. She is insisting on payment, but I do not want to be paid, just pay for the materials. This is my hobby, not a business.  Plus, it is incredibly flattering that she liked my card so much that she actually wants 25 more of them to send out to her most favorite people in the world. Word to your mother.

She shared a few ideas with me on what she was looking for in a Thank You note. She had a very small wedding, that had a nautical theme, which I am sure you will gather from the following photos.

Please enjoy. Oh and if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, which would you choose? And why?

These are just examples of my thank you stamps that I have.

Oh and I’m thinking I’m going to exploit enter my little lady Jane into the Gerber Generation Photo Search. We’ll see… I’m not convinced this is a good idea.

Maybe I’ll clean her face for the next photo.


4 thoughts on “Thank you, thank you very much

  1. HAHA I was sure I was going to see a picture of Elvis! That’s great!, YOu have grewat design sence! My fav design is #2 followed by 1 and then 3(I like all of them. I also have a preference for the 1st font
    As far as the Gerber baby photo…..of course we all know..JANE IS THE GERBER BABY!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the crab and the anchor with the corrugated stuff layered behind them. I can’t decide which of the two I like better. And I’d use the first stamp font that just says “thanks” because it seems more simple and fun like those cards I chose.

  3. #2 jumps out at me. I think it has a natural organic feel which appreals to my earth mother sensibility this morning.

    Oh, she totally looks like the Gerber baby. Exploit it.

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