October 30, around 10am, I got to experience the first gummy, newborn smile. It melted my heart. Billy got a good shot of it as well.

She 7 weeks old now, weighing 9.5lbs and is 21 7/8″ long. She’s still wearing her newborn clothing, they are becoming a bit too short for her, however. Baby clothing manufacturers really need to make something in between the NB and 3 month sizes. The 0-3 month sizing is more in the 3 month range.

Jane is also tracking or following toys and faces. Finally, she knows we exist. :)

Gummy Smile


Jane also celebrated her first Halloween. Here she is with her friends, Ava and Max.

Halloween Kids


We are now looking forward to celebrating her first Thanksgiving. We are hosting again this year, I’m going to try a brine on our turkey. More on that later.



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