Hall's Ice Cream Hall’s Dairy Bar. A quaint little country ice cream parlor, not only does it have ice cream and frozen yogurt but they also make cheese!


We didn’t get any cheese, because the purpose of this epic adventure is ice cream. So let’s get down to it.

Billy getting down to it.

Billy and I saddled up to the bar and decided on a triple scoop banana split. I’ve never had a banana split before and let me tell ya, this was the best place to have your first banana split.

We got chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream scoops. It of course, came with a banana that was sliced, chocolate sauce, marshmallow and strawberries. Topped off with whipped cream, nuts and a marshchino cherry.

Banana split


The young lady that waited on us was very sweet and helped us create the perfect sundae. I opted out of the pineapple sauce and she agreed, and recommended the strawberries.

Billy eating said ice cream


They even have a freezer full of ice creams for to-go. I could have taken every single one of those quarts home with me and shown them the love they deserve.

Freezer ice creamSo here is the review:

Taste -A+

Customer Service -A+

Atmosphere – B

Overall, I give the experience an A. It was delcious and definitely worth the drive out to Millerstown, PA.


4 thoughts on “Worth the drive

  1. I love your assessment of Ice Cream. And you should have taken it all home and shown it the love it deserves. You have alot of love to share, being that you’ll still be pregnant for a little longer :)

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