Farmer McGregorYou all remember the story of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. I believe there was a Mopsy and Topsy? Correct me if I’m wrong. 

We had dinner with our friends Brooke and Chris on Monday evening. We dined on steak, shrimp cocktail and a lovely salad, compliments of our very own Farmer McGregor (Billy). 

I must say, it’s been a heck of a lot of fun watching our ever-growing vegetables this year. All of this hard work are compliments of my husband. He researched the type of garden we wanted, the building of our raised bed, the types of vegetables that are indigenous or easy to grow in our area, and finally the sowing of these seeds and plants.


Behold, our beauteous garden! Raised bedGorg, right? I thought so. The plants are as follows from left to right: Sugar snap peas, green onions, broccoli, cucumbers (thanks Sharon!), sweet peppers, asparagus (those frilly guys in the way back), and loads of lettuce. We have had many a salad  from our wonderful lettuce (if you notice the one spot of missing lettuce), it is so tender and fresh tasting. Really, why haven’t we done this before? I’m very excited to harvest our sugar snap peas. These are definitely one of my favorite early summer vegetables.


So you may be asking yourself, where did Nancy and Billy get their produce before? Well, the wonderful folks at Spiral Path Farm, of course. We decided this year to not do our usual medium share from the CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) because:

a. we can grow our own vegetables

b. we are growing a baby and guess what, she isn’t free.

nancy growing baby   However, if you are not lucky enough to have your space for a garden or just don’t like dirt, I would highly recommend participating in a CSA. So many good things come out of it, not only for your own nutrition and culinary delight, but also the support of our local farmers. Win Win. 

Here are some more photos of our lovely vegetation.Hyacinth bean plant, not edible         Cukes! Peaslettuce, cukes, broccolicherry tomatoesbasil/chiveszebra tomatoes

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2 thoughts on “Farmer McGregor

  1. Ummm, can you please come create a garden for me on the side of my house? I don’t have a green thumb. I can’t even keep a cactus alive.

    Please & thanks!


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