As a big fat pregnant lady in the summer, it is my RIGHT to be able to enjoy copious amounts of ice cream. Can I get a hell yeah?

This is how it started:

We could blame my mother-in-law, Linda, or just my salacious appetite for ice cream.

My goal for the summer is to try all of these ice cream parlors. I plan to review them in the following categories:

1. Taste – duh, this is like, one of the most important things.

2. Customer service

3. Atmosphere

I’ll even give out awards (virtual ones of course, we’re expecting for cripes sake, I can’t just go around giving random businesses monetary awards for their awesomeness).

Now, to find a cute little ice cream cone font/picture to insert here_____.

Your help on the above is appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Ice Cream, You Scream, I blog.


    Ugh, have oyu tried the Edy’s Samoa (as in girl scout cookie ice cream??)

    Or the turkey hill one with choc covered pretzels in??

  2. Yes, I have. It’s pretty much the bomb dizzle.

    I haven’t had the TH one. I did have their Valentine’s Day one, it had pieces of chocolate raspberry truffles in it. Mmmmm….

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