Lots of changes have happened in the past year for Billy and I. All of which have been positive.

Here is a list of our major changes:

1. Billy and I got engaged. Ok, this didn’t happen last year, but it happened in December of 2006. Don’t get on me with the technicalities.

2. Billy’s job search. It wasn’t long, but it was stressful nonetheless. Ups and downs with possible interviews and offers. You know, the usual stuff that happens with aquiring a new job.

3. Billy accepted a job at Pavone to start in March of 2007. Which meant relocating to Harrisburg.

4. I turned 30. *sigh

5. For said birthday, Billy and I went on a cruise. This was the same week that Billy moved into the 500 square foot space with my 3 cats and dog. He started his new job 3/5/07.

6. May of 2007, we moved upstairs to the larger apartment, found a new tenant for our old apartment and repainted the entire interior of the house.

7. May of 2007, my office moved the same week we moved our home. The commute is 10 minutes longer but easier and much more scenic.

8. October of 2007, wedding planning commences.

9. January of 2008, new puppy.

10. February of 2008, realtor/house hunting and mortgage shopping.

With each change comes an adjustment period. Billy handled his adjustment with ease and dignity. I, on the other hand, just didn’t sleep.

So, here I am, at 1:47a.m., blogging. Still not sleeping. Could it be the new puppy? The house shopping? The flowers that I would like to have at the wedding? The lighting design for the tent? The loose ends at work? My new bangs??

Talk about overload.

The good is the bad. And the bad is the insomnia. But alas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And its Billy, my rock, my friend and my babes.

On those really tough nights when I can’t sleep, I like to visualize our wedding day. That moment of walking down the “aisle” with dad. Seeing Billy standing there, getting ready to make THE commitment – in front of our family and friends, brings me peace. It makes all these changes, the good, the bad and the insomnia, worth it.


2 thoughts on “Changes – the good, the bad and the insomniac.

  1. I promise you, your 30’s are the best. You gain a sense of clarity about life and this phase will be over in a flash. There’s more fun stuff to come!

  2. This entry is great! Aww… I’m so glad that these are the things you’re worrying about now :)

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