As you can tell from our home page, we have registered at 3 different places. Bed, Bath and Beyond, Macy’s and Pottery Barn. Registering is a means of giving our guests what we need to start our home together. It should be, in my opinion, a fun and exciting excursion. Billy did not agree with this.

Billy and I went to B3 (Bed, Bath and Beyond), about 3 weeks ago. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the sun was shining and the air was light. Let’s just say that the weather was not indicative to our registration process. I’ll give you the gist of how it went, but I will leave out the gory details.

After we signed up at the wedding registry desk, we were armed with a clipboard, a scanning gun and lots of opinions. We started in flatware. It took us about 30 minutes to narrow it down to 2 sets that each one of us liked. I liked the shiny stainless steel, Billy liked the brushed stainless steel. I liked the long elegant tongs on the fork and Billy hated the way they narrowed at the top. One thing we both liked was the neat shaped spoons that many of the contemporary sets had. I tried to crack jokes such as, “If you aren’t sure if you like it, just put it in your mouth and see how it feels.” He was not amused. Ugh. Let’s take a break from the flatware. Off to check out the everyday dishes. Another 30 minutes goes by. I like the pottery type dishes with the brown and blue glazes, Billy likes the square, contemporary, brightly colored plates. One thing that we both agree on is that we need to have plain white dishes. I liked the very plain shiny white and Billy liked the textured glazed white dishes. Ugh, again. We can’t seem to agree on anything, and the staff is starting to notice. Enter Nikki.

An aside: Its a really great thing to have a personal shopper. They have terrific product knowledge, know price points and where everything in the store is located. Its no wonder that the rich and famous have them.

Nikki was our friendly B3 Registry manager that was kind enough to take 2 1/2 hours of her day to walk around the store with us. She approached us by saying, “What is the deal with the unhappy faces?” We explained that we are having a hard time agreeing on styles. That we are both very opinionated and stubborn. She replied, “OK, no problem, let’s start with these dishes, what do you like Billy?” She gave us information on what was the most durable and what would be available in the future should we need replacements etc. After going back and forth on the white dishes, we finally agreed on these. She helped us pick out flatware to match our everyday dishes, she helped me pick out the beautiful pots and pans that I’ll be cooking gourmet meals in, :) and of course the all important kitchen gadgets. She literally made what was turning out to be a living hell, to something so much more bearable.

After hour 3, we were both tired and done making decisions. So we told Nikki, that we needed to get out of there. She offered us a $25 gift card to any of the restaurants in the shopping complex that we were in for a refreshment so that we could come back and finish up our registry. We declined, but thanked her for all her patience and help. Whew! The big registry was nearly completed and I could cross it off my to-do list. Only 6,345,679 things to go!

If you have some time, please review our registries. We worked VERY hard on them! :) You can access them from this site or by going to the websites themselves and typing in either Nancy Landis or William Dale under “Find a Registry.”

Also, don’t forget that you can leave comments for Billy and I on this website. We love them, so please write to us!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Wedding Registry

  1. Hysterical! One day you will look back on this and laugh when you realize that white plates are white plates and you both hate YOUR white plates! But it won’t matter because your kids will have chipped or destroyed most of them! Gotta love Corelle!

  2. Love the story from Bed Bath and Beyond – wow!!! We just go to the dollar store and we buy what we both like – no problem! Just remember after a month or so it won’t even matter what type of dishes you have in the cupboard! Enjoy the time – it should be fun!!! love, auntie Gwen

  3. Found this through Brooke’s site…Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Loved your registry story! I agree that all of that won’t matter in a few months and you’ll be eating off of paper plates like us b/c we’re too lazy to do dishes! Anyway, enjoy this time b/c it goes by way too fast!!

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